Chiropractic Collaboration Program

Chiropractic Collaboration Program

Mather Hospital's Chiropractic Collaboration Program provides coordinated patient care, education and outreach to patients who access both medical and chiropractic care. The Collaboration has members from the Hamptons to Commack and is believed to be the first of its kind on Long Island.

American Medical Association policy supports physicians associating professionally with chiropractors and referring patients to them for diagnostic or therapeutic services. “For those patients who seek both chiropractic and medical care for their ailments, it makes sense that we coordinate and collaborate on their care with our area chiropractors for the best treatments and outcomes,” said Richard Savino, MD, President of Mather’s Medical Staff and a board certified orthopedic surgeon.

The chiropractors in Mather's program participated in a peer review of their credentials and work history and demonstrated that they were in good standing with various professional and regulatory agencies.

For more information about the Chiropractic Collaboration, contact Dr. David BenEliyahu, Director, at 631-736-4414 or email him at



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David J. BenEliyahu, DC

Director of Chiropractic Relations


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Kerry Baker, M.B.A.

Provider Relations Executive



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